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Our Vision

Restoring vision with a new class of regenerative cell therapies.

  • Transplant tissues are mainly procured from deceased donors

  • Grafts suffer from variable quality
    & limited supply

  • Patients throughout the world need expanded treatment options

  • Laboratory cultured cells can ensure high quality with an improved safety profile

  • Cultured cells expand the supply of tissue, expanding access to quality care

  • OcuCell technologies address both common and orphan diseases

Ocular Cell Therapy: From Dream to Reality

Cell therapies are poised for adoption:


  • High unmet need in multiple disease areas

  • Regulatory pathways are being established

  • Cell-based treatments are ready to enter the clinic

Benefits of cultivated cells:

  • Increased access to transplant tissue

  • Improved quality & consistency

  • Enhanced safety testing

OcuCell co-founders, advisors, and investors bring with them:

  • Expertise in cell therapy, materials science, and transplant surgery

  • Specialized industry knowledge

  • Strategic distribution partnerships

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